EOX IT services GmbH

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EOX IT Services GmbH offers solutions and services in the geodata domain in general and in the Earth Observation domain in particular.

EOX is strongly committed towards utilizing and contributing to Open Source Software for example via the EOX GitHub organization.

EOX is further committed to comply to and improve Open Standards particularly those of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

EOX is your technology partner of choice in major European environment monitoring and space programs like the European Copernicus initiative.

Kompetenzen im Bereich Open Source und Open Data

Web-Mapping Geodatenbanken


Geospatial Data Servers MapServer MapCache EOxServer PostGIS OpenLayers geotiff.js EOxElements


MapServer (https://mapserver.org/) MapCache (https://mapserver.org/mapcache/) EOxServer (http://eoxserver.org/) View Server (https://gitlab.eox.at/esa/prism/vs) mapchete (https://github.com/ungarj/mapchete) geotiff.js (https://geotiffjs.github.io/) EOxElements (https://eox-a.github.io/elements/) EOxC (https://github.com/eoxc/eoxc)